Ally’s story: “My life was busy, it was hectic and it was very stressful”

Ally slipped and fell one day on the stairs and experienced severe pain in her sacral area. In the following months, her pain spiralled out of control and this affected her life, especially her work. Her coccyx fracture was not diagnosed initially. She had several interventions to try help the problem but these treatments were not successful, even after the fracture would have healed to some extent. She became increasingly disabled, and her overall health and quality of life diminished greatly.

She continued to struggle with her pain until she realised that she could help her pain by learning to let go of the tension in her body, both physically and mentally. In this public interview with Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan of Pain-Ed, she discusses how regaining control of her pain, learning to deal with stress and understanding the impact of stress and tension on her pain was a major breakthrough for her.


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