Feeling angry and down to feeling happy and optimistic

You feel horrible, you don’t want to do anything because when you try it hurts, you want to just cry all the time. You’re angry because you can’t do the things you use to be able to. You change the way you do things to try and make the pain stop. You have dreams but you don’t think you will be able to do it because you just can’t stop thinking about the pain.  I know how you feel, it may be a different pain but I know how down in the dumps you feel.


I am 18 now but the back pain started when I was 16. I didn’t think the pain would ever go away. I had dreams to become a dancer and all of my teachers said that I would be able to make it. I do dance, play sports and I go running and I am always active and that is what I wanted, my career to be a dancer. But the pain was so bad some days it was so hard to get myself out of bed, to get changed and then thinking about dancing I wanted to cry because my dreams were slipping away.


I went to physio and I was an angry person, stressed out and was ready to cry in pain all the time – it’s a horrible feeling. With the treatment I had, the pain slowly got less and less and I became a happier person. I carried on dancing and being active. Now I am doing the same amount of stuff that I used to – maybe even more, I am not going to lie to you – it’s tough and when I do a bit too much my back will tell me that I need to rest a little. But that’s okay because it’s not stopping me from making my dream come true. I’m going to make it happen and thanks to the physio helping me make the pain go away, I am making it happen. I got into Dance College and I’m going to carry on dancing with no back pain.

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