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Interview with Dr. Alexander Fraser: “All these things can add up to an incredibly disabling circle of events”

Dr. Alexander Fraser is Consultant Rheumatologist at University Hospital Limerick, Ireland. Here he discusses the impact of pain among his patients in many different ways – affecting not just physical function, […]


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Enhancing patient outcomes

In this video, Dr. Larry Benz discusses the ways in which a range of evidence-based therapies can be further enhanced by incorporating some simple contextual or “non-specific” techniques.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQGF1bBPa0s […]


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Managing acute low back pain – beyond medications

This is an article written by the Pain-Ed team in Perth, Australia. The primary audience was medical doctors, although the content is relevant to all. The key messages include the need to initially rule out serious […]


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Pain and the brain

Dr. Benedict Wand is Associate Professor at the School of Health Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Western Australia. He is involved in research on the role of changes in […]


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A self-help guide to managing your back pain

Thankfully, sources of accurate, evidence-based information on self-managing chronic pain are becoming increasingly available. This booklet is another step in the right direction – it is a short self-help guide developed by the Tasmanian […]