Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework – from knowing to doing

Managing musculoskeletal pain is often challenging – both for the individual in pain and their health care practitioners. A group of teachers, researchers and clinicians at Curtin University decided to develop an eBook to help people improve their management of musculoskeletal pain. This eBook presents a Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework that outlines the range of different elements that may influence the development, maintenance or resolution of musculoskeletal pain.

The Framework has been designed to better enable health care practitioners to examine, interpret and implement targeted management for people with musculoskeletal pain disorders based on contemporary evidence and using a common clinical language – to help you to help others.

Case studies provide ‘real-world’ practical examples of the The Framework in action. This eBook has utility for individual health care practitioners as well as to inform health care course curriculum.


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