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How do physiotherapists feel about treating more than just the back in people with chronic low back pain?

There is considerable evidence that when people have chronic low back pain (LBP), several factors can be involved in delaying their recovery and ability to enjoy a good quality of […]


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Activity among people with chronic low back pain: How activity behaviours reflect beliefs

One of the great challenges in helping people deal with chronic pain – and indeed many common health conditions – is encouraging greater physical activity as this is known to […]


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Podcast by Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan with BJSM

In this 20 minute podcast with Prof. Karim Khan (Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine), Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan discusses management of low back painĀ and how his approach has […]


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What clinicians say they advise for low back pain is not what they actually do in clinical practice

In this study actors were trained to simulate patients with non-specific low back pain. The participating physiotherapists were initially asked what they would do for sample clinical vignettes. They were […]


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Will stem cell therapy (or some other fancy needle) solve my chronic pain problem?

We all seek the simplest, quickest solution to problems and challenges we face. Trying to deal with persistent pain is no different. Therefore, it is not surprising that a myriad […]