Communicating with people seeking help for lower back pain

This is a quiz to help clinicians communicate differently with patients with lower back pain. The quiz is a tool designed to assist learning what messages can be helpful or […]


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Improving Osteoarthritis care – Professor Stefan Lohmander (Lund University)

Professor Stefan Lohmander, an Orthopaedic surgeon and researcher from Lund University in Sweden, was recently in Australia as part of a research network committed to improving the evidence-based treatment of […]


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Cognitive Functional Therapy Infographic: the making of

Kevin Wernli Physiotherapist & PhD Candidate (3-4 minute read) Some of you may be familiar with the open access paper published in the Physical Therapy Journal in 2018 titled “Cognitive […]


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What can you do to get through a crap week?

Dr. Mike Evans was a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, Lead of Digital Preventive Medicine at the Li […]


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Time to change how we assess and manage shoulder pain

Over the past 12 months, key papers have emerged that change the way we manage shoulder pain. Two landmark randomised controlled trials in the United Kingdom and Finland have found no difference […]