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MRI findings and low back pain – Author discussions

We recently published a paper that identified an association between MRI imaging findings (disc degeneration and disc herniation) and a previous trajectory of low back pain with impact (care-seeking, taking medication, […]


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Things Peter O’Sullivan learnt after fracturing his shoulder, and tips for people in pain

Peter O’Sullivan discusses some of the lessons he learned during his experience with a fractured shoulder and what tips he has for people with pain after his experience Things Peter […]


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I told myself I gotta move on

Leo moved to Australia from Burma in 1998. He’s married with a very young baby. He is a diesel mechanic by trade, but has changed job recently, and is now […]


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Psychological: Let’s talk about the P in BioPsychoSocial

Joletta Belton (Jo) writes a blog on living with chronic pain which covers a range of topics related to her story. In this post she talks about the psychological component of pain. […]


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Ten Low Back Pain Facts – VIDEOs

Kevin Wernli Physiotherapist & PhD Candidate (2-3 minute read) On the last day of 2019, the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) published an article titled: Back to basics: 10 […]