Interview on pelvic pain with Prof. Peter O’Sullivan: What are the really important factors to address in management?

In a small proportion of people who develop pelvic pain, it can become a very disabling, painful condition. For many years unhelpful beliefs about what happens to the pelvis among people with pelvic pain have been promoted, as discussed here previously. It is now increasingly clear that chronic pelvic pain, similar to other chronic pains such as chronic low back pain, usually involves a wide range of factors. The good news is that these are usually modifiable once they are identified accurately.

In this interview with James Davis, Prof. Peter O’Sullivan discusses the fears that inaccurate ideas such as the pelvis going “out of place” create. In addition, he discusses how a broader multidimensional treatment approach — Cognitive Functional Therapy — can help rebuild confidence and a better quality of life.


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