Ergonomic factors in chronic pain

Dr. Leonard O’Sullivan is a senior lecturer in human factors and ergonomics in the Department of Design and Manufacturing Technology. He is a lead researcher in the Design Factors research group. His research interests include user centred design in medical device innovation, ergonomics of musculoskeletal disorders, and human factors in worker robot collaboration, additive manufacturing.

Dr. O’Sullivan discusses how work often has a very negative image when we consider chronic pain as it is often directly associated with pain, in either causing injuries or aggravating existing complaints. But not working is associated with equally if not more associated with poor health. Unfortunately many employers are hesitant in accommodating people with musculoskeletal symptoms in the workplace for fear they will be blamed for aggravating the conditions. In this presentation Leonard O’Sullivan discuss ergonomic interventions in the workplace and how they are crucial to prevent musculoskeletal complaints but also to support early intervention and return to work.


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