Kristien’s story (in Dutch)

Despite having no low back pain during early childhood, Kristien (now 42) was made aware by medical professionals that her back was ‘not normal’ (‘scoliosis, leg length discrepencies, hypermobility etc). After being involved in a motor vehicle accident (at the age of 20) she developed neck pain and some mild low back pain.

An MRI scan of all regions of her back was taken. She was told ‘some things were seriously not OK’ with her lower back (‘the disc was worn out’) and she became very aware of her back. After pregnancy her low back pain really affected her life for the first time . She was told she had ‘pelvic instability’. ‘I became very careful with what I did and avoided several activities (like running and skiing) which I thought were harmful’. Like many patients, Kristien had tried several forms of therapy with only short term relief and no long term success.

She talks here about how she got her life back and what the overall rehabilitation approach involved.


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