Relax! Running, pain and my CFT experience

Joletta Belton (Jo) writes a blog on living with chronic pain which covers a range of topics related to her story. In this post she talks about returning to running.   In the last week I’ve gone on 2 runs. This is a big deal for me! I love running. Running has been one of the things I’ve missed […]

My journey out of chronic pain Sarah Houldcroft

I spent a year in chronic pain following an injury. This video is an overview of how life was for me living with chronic pain and how it felt once I recovered. I am writing a book at the moment which will go into details about my journey out of chronic pain. I shall be […]

A patient’s story of recovery with knee osteoarthritis

I was told by a physiotherapist, almost five years ago, that both my knees were ‘knackered’ and that they needed replacing. Feeling neither physically or mentally ready for surgery, I tried many therapies and remedies; some of which helped for a time. However, after recently being diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis and feeling frustrated and depressed […]


Life is hard. If it throws pain at you, the power to overcome that is in your head

Rose is a creative person who runs her own small business and has had to overcome a lot of things in life. Rose has worked hard on who she is as a person. Rose has osteoarthritis of her back, has ongoing back pain, has had back surgery, has rheumatoid arthritis and experiences bad migraines. “…I […]


Shoulder Pain Recovery Story

Alex, a personal trainer, suffered a serious shoulder injury about 7 months ago (a grade III Acromio-clavicular sprain). The injury had a significant impact on particularly his physical well being, but as it stopped him from working, exercising and doing the things that brought him joy and meaning, it also had a significant impact on […]