Shoulder Pain Recovery Story

Alex, a personal trainer, suffered a serious shoulder injury about 7 months ago (a grade III Acromio-clavicular sprain). The injury had a significant impact on particularly his physical well being, but as it stopped him from working, exercising and doing the things that brought him joy and meaning, it also had a significant impact on […]

Cognitive Functional Therapy changed my life!

Tina writes a blog on living well with pain, in this post she discussed her life-changing experience of Cognitive Functional Therapy.   Why do some physiotherapists follow a Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) approach when treating chronic pain conditions?  What does this mean?  Is CFT any better than any other approach?  How does it benefit me as […]


Now I know the pain is only going to be very short term

Rick is 49 years old, works in the transport industry and loves Chevy cars and motorbikes. In 2006, Rick was involved in a motor vehicle accident: “…I was rear ended. Before that, I had no back or leg pain. I was fit and played golf all the time, at least once a week”. After the […]


I was holding a lot of tension

Julie has a busy working life as an optometrist and family life, with 3 children. Julie works long days, and after one especially long day, the following morning she was driving to golf and found she couldn’t move her neck, it had “locked up”. She also had pain spreading down her arm. Julie had some “wear […]


Pain Toolkit interview with Kieran O’Sullivan

An interview with Pete Moore of The Pain Toolkit and Pain-Ed’s Kieran O’Sullivan on the topic of pain management and self-management