Getting my life back

I have suffered from periods of lower back pain for the last ten years; the pain intensity and length of recovery have gradually increased. I have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and was informed that the pain was due to lack of exercise. I took pain relief which only helped a little and […]

There is a link with how we think about, feel and interpret pain.

I have been a sufferer of fibromyalgia for nearly 3 years now. I’ve been hospitalised on many occasions for weeks at a time in different hospitals and I have seen 3 GP’s and 4 consultants (both neurologists and rheumatologists). I have been prescribed Oxynorm, OxyContin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella, Ampitripiline and took part in a trial […]

Feeling angry and down to feeling happy and optimistic

You feel horrible, you don’t want to do anything because when you try it hurts, you want to just cry all the time. You’re angry because you can’t do the things you use to be able to. You change the way you do things to try and make the pain stop. You have dreams but […]

Patient’s experience of Whiplash Associated Disorder

Nicola discusses her experience of Whiplash Associated Disorder and her journey to recovery following a car crash. She discusses how her experience of pain changed and how she managed her pain. She also offers some advice for people encountering pain currently based on her experience    

Kiran’s story: My knee was hampering my cricket

There is strong evidence that what a person thinks is wrong with their painful body part can affect their outcome. if a person thinks their body part (e..g back, knee) is badly damaged, they are less likely to engage in things that will help their pain and disability (like exercise, hobbies and work) and more […]