Denis’ story – “How changing my beliefs about my back pain made me pain free”

I was a very active person and hardly ever experienced back pain until I was told I  prolapsed a disc some years ago. This marked the start of a long period of chronic pain that could have been avoided had I known more about back pain and pain in general and the power of beliefs. […]


Ally’s story: “My life was busy, it was hectic and it was very stressful”

Ally slipped and fell one day on the stairs and experienced severe pain in her sacral area. In the following months, her pain spiralled out of control and this affected her life, especially her work. Her coccyx fracture was not diagnosed initially. She had several interventions to try help the problem but these treatments were […]


Mary’s story: “I didn’t think i would have this quality of life again”

Mary had pain for several years, and it gradually became more widespread. Her pain became more severe over time and she experienced a lot of fatigue. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Her pain was aggravated by many factors including stress and poor sleep. She struggled to maintain her usual social life. Using a multidimensional approach […]


Martin’s story and interview with Prof Peter O’Sullivan: “I felt broken, i felt weak, i had no quality of life”

Martin developed severe low back pain after an injury playing sport. Over the next 4 months his pain became more severe, limiting his ability to function across all aspects of his life. He attempted  various interventions including core stability exercises but these did not help his pain. The pain had a major impact on his self-confidence and […]


Siobhan’s story: “my vertebra was permanently crushed ………they couldn’t operate because it was too dangerous”

Siobhan had experienced mild low back pain for several years, but was able to remain active in both her work and hobbies initially. However, after an injury in which she cracked a bone in her back she was in far more pain and became much more disabled. She was told her spine was seriously damaged, […]