Jamie’s story: “Having that pain was very crippling…… I wasn’t enjoying life”

Jamie discusses how chronic low back pain impacted on his life, his mood and his overall quality of life. He describes the effort it required to cope with his pain for several years, and the insights he has now developed into the physical and psychological aspects that have helped his pain.  

Sally’s story: “Something which for nearly two years defined and disabled me is now a chapter of my past”

I knew I was in trouble when, a year after my initial lower back injury, I was still attending physiotherapy and getting no lasting relief from my pain nor any closer to a diagnosis. The injury had developed over a period of months of practicing advanced Pilates moves in my home, and had flared up […]


Shaun’s story: “the only person thats going to make yourself better is yourself”

Shaun had chronic low back pain for several years. Like many patients, he had tried several forms of therapy and medication with little success. He discusses the impact pain had on his mood, and the importance of reassurance from his therapist on the prognosis for him. He highlights how developing self-awareness of how he moved, […]


Jack’s story: “I was told I had the back of a 70 year old ….and that I had worn discs”

Jack had chronic low back pain for several years. He was told he had a back of a 70 year old, that he needed to have his spine fused and that he couldn’t play sport. Having been a very talented young footballer who hoped to play as a professional, his chronic low back pain had […]