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Will stem cell therapy (or some other fancy needle) solve my chronic pain problem?

We all seek the simplest, quickest solution to problems and challenges we face. Trying to deal with persistent pain is no different. Therefore, it is not surprising that a myriad […]


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Interview with Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: changing back pain management

In this interview some common limitations in how back pain has been viewed and managed are discussed.For example, the image attached to this post focusses almost exclusively on physcial factors […]


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Tiger’s Sacrum: A reflection on my experiences of applying a bio-psycho-social approach to typical clinical practice setting

Aidan Tighe is a physiotherapist working in a Primary Care setting in Ballina, Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. He graduated from University College Dublin with a B.Sc. […]


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Blog by Prof. Peter O’Sullivan on five common misconceptions about low back pain in athletes

This is a blog Prof. Peter O’Sullivan of Pain-Ed completed recently for the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In it he discusses five common misconceptions about the management of low back […]


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Podcast by Prof. Peter O’Sullivan discussing management of low back pain

This is an interview Prof. Peter O’Sullivan of Pain-Ed completed recently with Prof. Karim Khan, editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In it he discusses the critical importance of […]