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Bulls**t about posture causes pain & suffering

Cheryl Lee was managing a pain problem, with mind-body practices. It wasn’t until learning about pain science and undergoing CFT that she learned to optimize these practices and also turned […]


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Pain Explanation and Treatment Diagram

Patients with persistent pain who are educated about ways to manage their pain have been shown to have fewer pain symptoms; enhanced self–efficacy, including communication with physicians; and enhanced pain […]


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Musculoskeletal Clinical Translation Framework – from knowing to doing

Managing musculoskeletal pain is often challenging – both for the individual in pain and their health care practitioners. A group of teachers, researchers and clinicians at Curtin University decided to […]


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Is it time for change with the management of chronic shoulder pain?

Daniel Major is working as a PhD-student at the Oslo and Akershus University College. His main area of research is self-managed exercise interventions for shoulder pain. Daniel is also an […]


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Making sense of fear in people with low back pain

Dr. Samantha Bunzli outlines the difficulty dealing with patients’ fear in clinical practice in an edition of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s magazine InTouch. Dr Samantha Bunzli is a physiotherapist and Postdoctoral Research […]