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Lower back pain within an individual’s context

JP Caneiro outlines the case study of a patient suffering with chronic lower back pain to explore the challenge of integrating contemporary knowledge in clinical practice in an edition of […]


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Pain Guidebook

Recovery Strategies – Pain Guidebook is a straight forward 71 page free PDF that is designed to help both therapists and individuals with pain and injuries.  The book can be […]


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Does the biopsychosocial view of back pain have implications on how we teach lifting technique?

Dave Nolan is a clinical specialist physiotherapist working in occupational health. Dave works within the NHS, and he’s trying to help modernise the message we give staff about their bodies […]


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Pain Management: Roadmap to Revolution – Steven Z. George – 21st John H.P. Maley Lecture

Dr. George’s primary interest is research involving biopsychosocial models for the prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain disorders.  His long term goals are to 1) improve accuracy for predicting […]


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A person-centered biopsychosocial approach to back pain in sport

Physiotherapists JP Caneiro and Dr. Leo Ng outline how individualised plans are needed in the management of low back pain in an issue of the Sport Health magazine. JP Caneiro […]