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My pelvis is hypermobile and goes out of place – really?

The research (e.g. here and here) and clinical practice of Dr. Britt Stuge (Physiotherapist) has helped her develop a reputation as one of the leading international clinical researchers in the management of […]


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How we communicate with patients experiencing chronic pain could be as important as what we do

People’s understanding about what is causing their pain, what they should do about it, and what will happen, has considerable influence on how they recover from back pain. This paper, […]


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Modernising Manual Therapy

This paper by Max Zusman discusses the role of manual therapy in the management of musculoskeletal pain. In particular, he challenges the emphasis traditionally placed by manual therapy on pain as […]


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Separating the specific treatment provided from the entire treatment encounter

Patients often seek specific treatments for chronic pain, and healthcare professionals hope to have patients adhere with the treatment and advice provided. However, for every type of treatment provided – […]


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Is my pain due to something being out of place?

Many people with chronic pain will have been told, and may themselves believe that they have something (e.g. a disc, a bone) out of place, and which needs to be […]