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What about my protruding or bulging disc?

It is one of the most infamous parts of the body as it is frequently blamed for severe and unpleasant low back pain (LBP). However, as discussed previously here, there is no evidence that […]


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How do physiotherapists feel about treating more than just the back in people with chronic low back pain?

There is considerable evidence that when people have chronic low back pain (LBP), several factors can be involved in delaying their recovery and ability to enjoy a good quality of […]


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What clinicians say they advise for low back pain is not what they actually do in clinical practice

In this study actors were trained to simulate patients with non-specific low back pain. The participating physiotherapists were initially asked what they would do for sample clinical vignettes. They were […]


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Does a ”positive” test and some muscle guarding around the pelvis mean that the pelvis is unstable?

Our study demonstrated that simply inducing experimental pain over the posterior sacro-iliac ligaments in painfree people resulted in the kind of findings often reported in patients with pelvic pain; a positive […]


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Back pain: Tired of trying to fit square pegs into round holes?

Have you ever found that your back pain patient doesn’t fit into whatever classification system that you have been taught? Have you ever got confused because the different ways to […]