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Does a ”positive” test and some muscle guarding around the pelvis mean that the pelvis is unstable?

Our study demonstrated that simply inducing experimental pain over the posterior sacro-iliac ligaments in painfree people resulted in the kind of findings often reported in patients with pelvic pain; a positive […]


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Back pain: Tired of trying to fit square pegs into round holes?

Have you ever found that your back pain patient doesn’t fit into whatever classification system that you have been taught? Have you ever got confused because the different ways to […]


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Identifying different sensory profiles among people with low back pain

Have you  noticed that for some patients back pain is localised and their symptoms are clearly reproducible and relieved based on how they sit, stand and move? Yet for others […]


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“Don’t bend your back whilst lifting”- is this the best advice?

I work as a vocational physiotherapist for Active Plus in Auckland, New Zealand, where I am involved in manual handling training and providing rehabilitation programmes to assist clients in their […]


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Manual handling training does not guarantee safe lifting or less pain

Dr. Leonard O’Sullivan (PhD, MTech, BTech) is a Senior Lecturer in Ergonomics and Human Factors in the Department of Design and Manufacturing Technology at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He […]