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Searching for the perfect chair for people with low back pain

Even though sitting for long periods might have negative effects on our overall health, it does not appear to be a major cause of getting low back pain (LBP). Nevertheless, […]


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Over-treatment, and inappropriate treatment, of pain in athletes

Prof. Peter O’Sullivan recently discussed the over-treatment of athletes here. Recent cases such as the treatments for low back pain used by Tiger Woods have highlighted the emphasis on biomedical factors […]


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Helping people with more disabling low back pain

A few years ago, the Pain-Ed team published a randomised clinical trial showing that our approach can have a significant effect on pain and disability for people with low back […]


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Paracetamol for managing persistent pain

A recent study showed that paracetamol has little or no value in the management of two of the most common forms of persistent pain; spinal pain and osteoarthritis. This prompted the […]


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Podcast with Prof. Peter O’Sullivan regarding surgery for back pain in athletes

Surgery has increasingly been chosen as a treatment for back pain despite the poor outcomes associated with the intervention. Recently the story of Tiger Woods has raised the question of […]