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10 facts about back pain

1 Back pain is common Back pain can be very painful and worrying, but is very common and rarely dangerous. 84% of people worldwide will experience back pain at some […]


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A person-centered biopsychosocial approach to back pain in sport

Physiotherapists JP Caneiro and Dr. Leo Ng outline how individualised plans are needed in the management of low back pain in an issue of the Sport Health magazine. JP Caneiro […]


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Ergonomic factors in chronic pain

Dr. Leonard O’Sullivan is a senior lecturer in human factors and ergonomics in the Department of Design and Manufacturing Technology. He is a lead researcher in the Design Factors research group. His […]


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A 10 minute guide to understanding pain and what to do about it

Pain is a complex phenomenon which can be hard to understand. There are numerous reasons why pain occurs which may be unrelated to physical factors. This video summarises why people experience […]


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Podcast with Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan on managing back pain

In this brief podcast, Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan discusses some key issues regarding low back pain with Prof. Karim Khan (editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine). This builds on […]