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Feeling angry and down to feeling happy and optimistic

You feel horrible, you don’t want to do anything because when you try it hurts, you want to just cry all the time. You’re angry because you can’t do the […]


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Patient’s experience of Whiplash Associated Disorder

Nicola discusses her experience of Whiplash Associated Disorder and her journey to recovery following a car crash. She discusses how her experience of pain changed and how she managed her […]


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Kiran’s story: My knee was hampering my cricket

There is strong evidence that what a person thinks is wrong with their painful body part can affect their outcome. if a person thinks their body part (e..g back, knee) […]


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Paul’s story: the stiff posture I adopted actually slowed my recovery

Back in September 2014 I was delivering heavy boxes of printed material. My small van was loaded to the max. I even had boxes in the front passenger seat and […]


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From fear to hope “I’ve still got a lot of life to live”

My first encounter with back pain started about 6-7 years ago when I was sweeping up outside. It was literally excruciating, so bad it made me feel faint and I […]