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Cognitive Functional Therapy Infographic: the making of

Kevin Wernli Physiotherapist & PhD Candidate (3-4 minute read) Some of you may be familiar with the open access paper published in the Physical Therapy Journal in 2018 titled “Cognitive […]


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What can you do to get through a crap week?

Dr. Mike Evans was a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, Lead of Digital Preventive Medicine at the Li […]


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Lumbar spine fusion: what is the evidence?

Ian Harris is an orthopaedic surgeon and academic based in Sydney. His work examines the true effectiveness of surgery as opposed to the perceived effectiveness. He is author of the […]


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The ‘mythbusters’ of back pain believe they can treat it – with words

Liam Mannix wrote a column in The Sydney Morning Herald on the change needed in the treatment of back pain   Like many people with back pain, Matt Statham tried to […]


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Back pain can follow students from school to the workplace

In the past if you had a sore back or a stiff neck you might have been encouraged to stay home and rest. If you have a teenager struggling with […]