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Interview with Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan: changing back pain management

In this interview some common limitations in how back pain has been viewed and managed are discussed.For example, the image attached to this post focusses almost exclusively on physcial factors […]


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“Don’t bend your back whilst lifting”- is this the best advice?

Laura Holder works as a vocational physiotherapist for Active Plus in Auckland, New Zealand, where she is involved in manual handling training and providing rehabilitation programmes to assist clients in […]


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Blog by Prof. Peter O’Sullivan on five common misconceptions about low back pain in athletes

This is a blog Prof. Peter O’Sullivan of Pain-Ed completed recently for the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In it he discusses five common misconceptions about the management of low back […]


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Manual handling training does not guarantee safe lifting or less pain

Dr. Leonard O’Sullivan (PhD, MTech, BTech) is a Senior Lecturer in Ergonomics and Human Factors in the Department of Design and Manufacturing Technology at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He […]


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Podcast by Prof. Peter O’Sullivan discussing management of low back pain

This is an interview Prof. Peter O’Sullivan of Pain-Ed completed recently with Prof. Karim Khan, editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In it he discusses the critical importance of […]