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Is my pain due to something being out of place?

Many people with chronic pain will have been told, and may themselves believe that they have something (e.g. a disc, a bone) out of place, and which needs to be […]


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Connecting physical health with overall health

As mentioned in a previous post, members of the Pain-Ed team have been involved in several studies examining chronic spinal pain among adolescents. One study demonstrated the very close relationship between […]


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You can’t have chronic pain, you are too young!

It is often assumed that chronic pain is something that only affects adults, and that children or adolescents with pain only experience minor pain and disability. However, chronic pain can […]


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Why do simple things hurt?

This talk by Professor of Neuroscience Lorimer Moseley (University of South Australia) explains why relatively harmless tasks and movements can sometimes cause severe pain. In essence, pain is based on an evaluation by the […]


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What about using stronger medications such as opioids?

Pain relief can be an important part of recovery from chronic pain. Equally, it should form just one component of the management plan. In addition, there are side-effects to pain […]