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Cognitive Functional Therapy for chronic low back pain: The patients’ perspective

Samantha Bunzli of the Pain-Ed team recently discussed a qualitative paper by the Pain-Ed group on www.bodyinmind.org regarding the mechanisms by which a promising therapy for pain (CFT) works. That post is […]


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Back pain beliefs are related to the impact of low back pain

A developing area of research related to low back pain (LBP) is the impact of back pain beliefs (BPBs) on disability. BPBs have been found to be a significant modifiable […]


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Searching for the perfect chair for people with low back pain

Even though sitting for long periods might have negative effects on our overall health, it does not appear to be a major cause of getting low back pain (LBP). Nevertheless, […]


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Patient perceptions of physical activity and rest

Physical activity plays a key role in recovery from back pain. It is important to understand how people who have back pain make decisions about physical activity so that clinicians […]


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Physical, psychological or combined interventions: what’s best for treating pain?

Non-specific chronic spinal pain (NSCSP), particularly low back pain (LBP) and neck pain (NP), are common and costly musculoskeletal disorders. NSCSP can be associated with physical factors (e.g. stiff postures […]